A Gentle Reminder from Psalm 27…

Psalm 27 is a very powerful, encouraging, and real Psalm.

Psalm 27 was the first chapter in the entire Bible that I made my children rehearse and remember when they were young. Even as children, I wanted them to always know there was nothing to be afraid of because, with GOD, you’ll always win – even when people try to come against you. I wanted them to know they could trust GOD to provide for them now, not just in Heaven.

David pens Psalm 27 with an introduction recalling what The Lord has done for him in times past, reaffirming his faith in The Lord, and progresses to petition the Lord for deliverance from a new set of enemies.

If it’s one thing I love about David, it’s his vulnerability with The Lord. As he does in many other Psalms, just before David closes the Psalm, he makes a brutally honest, vulnerable, entirely real, and relatable statement in verse 13:

I would have despaired had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord

In the land of the living.

Can’t you just feel the vulnerability, the emotion of that statement? This is not a statement of machismo from an arrogant man, but a simple statement made by a man humble enough to admit his life was hard sometimes, more than he thought he could stand. This statement makes it clear that for David, some days were a fight for emotional fortitude and without the Lord, he may have fallen into despair (the complete loss or absence of hope).

David lived through many tough times and a read of Psalms will show that he was a man well acquainted with emotional trauma. David often spoke about his fear of being hunted and killed on multiple occasions, the heartbreak of being abandoned and betrayed by those he loved, the pain of being lied on, and the guilt and self-pity that wracked him when he sinned.