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Before we start, I want you to think about the word “surrender” and note what thoughts and images come to mind.

I’m sure something comes to mind along the lines of waving the proverbial white flag, or perhaps you see a depiction in your mind of the losing side of the battle admitting defeat to the more robust, more powerful side of the fight. Maybe you even see an image of a strong man with a superman pose standing with his foot on the chest of a weaker, thinner, smaller man…

If you didn’t see any of these, I’m pretty sure whatever you saw was a mental picture of weakness, of giving up, … as losing. Am I right?

Can I be honest with you? I believe because we have such a negative view of surrender, many of us struggle when The Lord asks us to do so. When the Lord asks us to “surrender” our way of thinking and our way of being or to surrender relationships and connections that no longer serve us, we struggle with the instruction because we see it as an act of defeat, of losing, as a sign of weakness.

I think this also plays a part in why some people see the Church, those of us who have surrendered to The Lord Jesus Christ, as weak. They see us as defeated, as losing out, as powerless.

But just as 1 Cor 2:14 says, people who don’t have GOD’s spirit do not understand the things of GOD because they can only be understood with GOD’s help. In other words, people who don’t have GOD’s spirit see surrender as a sign of weakness, of losing. But nothing could be farther from the truth!

Surrendering in the Kingdom of GOD is the exact opposite of what our natural minds show us when we think of surrender! The exact opposite!

When we surrender to The Lord, we are assuming a position of power! A position of authority! We come up to victory; we don’t go down in defeat!

When Jesus Christ invites us to surrender, He asks us to be more than what we are, not less. He’s inviting us to have more power, not less.

He’s inviting us to have a better life, not a worse one. The life of surrender that The Lord invites us to rise to is to never again walk in defeat!

In Matthew 10:39 TPT, Jesus says, “Those who cling to their lives will give up true life. But those who let go of their lives for My sake and surrender it all to Me will discover true life.”

That scripture tells us when we surrender, we gain - we don’t lose. When we surrender, we get more; we walk in truth - in power, in authority… we gain! We stand in positions of power – never to be defeated!

Pray and seek the Lord so He can reveal the areas of your life that you can surrender and take power and authority over!

Surrender to The Lord: That’s how we come up!

Click the link here to watch my latest Embrace Prayer @6a ET session, where I share three things to know every believer must know when it comes to “surrendering” to The Lord and His Word!

Until next time!


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