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Books and Devos

Encouraging the Body of Christ Toward Understanding and Spiritual Maturity


Today's Stones: 
Winning the Battle for the Mind

Today’s Stones is a collection of stories, devotions, prayers, and other tools to help you in the fight against your giants. Do you have faith enough in the Lord GOD to cause you to win against the giants facing you? Your giant might be anxiety, or loneliness, or stress - whatever it may be, grab a stone!  You can defeat your giant and win the battle for your mind! In order to stand against (and defeat) the things that are standing against you, you must have faith in GOD and Today’s Stones!


When the loudest voice you hear is that of your enemy, it’s time to fight!

I've Accepted Jesus Christ, 
Now What?

In "I've Accepted Jesus Christ... Now What?," we first give a quick overview of Who Jesus is and the three overarching benefits of salvation. Then we discuss the 4P's of Understanding Salvation: The Predicament,

The Product, The Propitiation, and The Promise.

This is a quick, powerful read! Read it as it is annotated - as a 7-day devotional or read it all in one sitting.


We believe it will bless you!

All proceeds go to the work of the Local Church.

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In It With Me

Are you feeling anxious, afraid, or overwhelmed? Perhaps you’ve been experiencing or witnessing difficulty to such an extent that you’re wondering, “where is GOD?” if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this 4-day devotional is for you! 

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