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Thee Good Thing 

Thee Good Thing is a 6-week Bootcamp focusing on building the Kingdom Woman by teaching her to walk in Kingdom authority, with integrity.


To become the helpmeet fit for the Kingdom Man, the Kingdom Woman must know who she is and Whose she is and be able to walk confidently in that identity.  During the 6-week Bootcamp, we discuss the single-season, the waiting and the dating seasons, how to identify and assess a potential husband, the "meet-up," and beyond.  We also discuss the importance of financial management, physical health, and emotional health.

In addition to discussing the building blocks of a healthy marriage, as noted above, we also have bible studies, group prayer calls, outings, and events. 


In addition to equipping the Kingdom Woman with the principles to build healthy relationships and a Christ-centered marriage, we build community. 

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During our 6-week Bootcamp, the goal of our content and discussions is to provide tips, tools, and strategies to analyze the variables of life and relationships to always move forward in GOD.  We dig deep into what it means to have and maintain a healthy life and marriage and strategies for getting unstuck, should that happen somewhere along the road.   



One of our primary goals for Thee Good Thing Bootcamp is to establish a safe place for Christ-centered women in which to share their hopes, expectations, fears, and dreams with other like-minded women. As a community, it is our desire to rally around one another to encourage and uplift one another in their faith and life throughout the peaks and valleys we all experience. 



To facilitate the effectiveness of our content and lessons, we host brunch events, dinners, movie nights, and GLAM nights (girlfriend date nights). Attending events is highly recommended within the Sisterhood because we share valuable lessons and content, while we're having fun!  Every meeting, discussion, and outing has a purpose - whether in person or virtual. 

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